The Magic Wingdom

If you weren’t aware we have stealthily opened a little restaurant around the corner on Dormer Place. It’s okay if you have missed it we’ve not made a song and dance out of it just yet, thats all to come. In the meantime you can visit it Tuesday – Saturday 5.30pm – 9pm or you can book little take away slots or ‘Cluck & Collect’ via the website. It’s called The Magic Wingdom and it’s a Chicken Wing, Burger & Bao Restaurant that also sells, cocktails, craft beer & natural wine. You don’t need to book, you can just show up. Sadly you can’t just drink – you need to be chewing on a wing. We’ve worked really hard on the menu and it is heavy on vegetarian & vegan options so there’s plenty for everyone.
Keep an eye out for us slinging our wares – alternatively Give us a Wing… 01926 564582 or Order your Cluck & Collect