The DB Tap & Bottle

Greetings Loyal Shoppers & Tappers- You may be aware of some talk of rising energy costs being bandied around in the news lately. Sadly, The DB Bottle Shop is not immune to these rises and so it is with a smidge of sadness that as of this Saturday (probably), we shall be folding The DB Shop, back into The DB Tap, hence this post.

The brief DB Tap Instagram account will cease to be, so if you’re not already following @thedbbottleshop, please amend this forthwith.

Keep an eye out, as we have lots of exciting events happening over the course of the next few months down here at The Drawing Board Tap & Bottle (DBTB) – Leamington’s smallest Craft Beer Shop & Bar.

Watch this space.

If you weren’t aware of any movement then you’ll be blissful in your ignorance.